We respect every religion equally impartially:HIM Hailesilassie I


Posted on February 5, 2009 by abiy on Addis Tibeb blog

Here is a speech HIM Hailesilassie I gave on October 11, 1963 during his visit of the mosque in Asmara, Eritrea following the welcoming speech by the head of the mosque Sheikh Ibrahim Oumar Muktar.

I thought it would invite further reflections on the current Islam-Christian issue.

The speech is from the 2nd volume of the book “firekenafir Ze Kedamawi Hailesilassie Niguse Negest ZeEthiopia.” (Witty Words of Mouth from Hailesilassie I King of Kings of Ethiopia.)


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  1. የተፈሪ መኮንን ንግግር እንዲህ እንደላሆነ ለማንም ግልጽ ነው ይህን ያስባለኝ ይህ ሰው አድሎ ያለውን አገዛዙ ባገሩ ህዝብ ባይጭንባቸው ኖሮ የመሳርያ ትግል አይሞኩሩትም ነበር በትግራይ በወሎ የናት ጡት ደርቆ ልጆች በርሀቡ ዋይ እያሉ ሲረግፉ ሰሜት ያልነበረው አረመኔ ሰለ ጽድቅ ቦታ እና እኩልነት መናገሩ ያጠራጥራል

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