Ethiopia: 6 high ranking officers defected


Six high ranking military officers of the Woyanne regime in Ethiopia have defected, Ogaden Online reports.

Recent attacks by the Ogaden National Liberation Front’s (ONLF) army may have played a role in the defection of these high ranking officers, the report adds.

All six officers who were based in a military garrison around Addis Ababa from where they had been scheduled to be deployed in Ogaden.

The names and the ranks of the officers who defected are 1. Col. Tadesse, 2. Cap. Abraha, 3. Cap. Haylo, 4. Lt. Daud, 5. Lt. Gebre, 6. Lt. Yohannes

Aside from the defections, Ogaden Online reports that there is an increased infighting within Woyanne militias “following the spectacular losses” in the hands of the ONLF fighters in the many parts of Ogaden in recent fights.