Teddy’s Stadium concert profit goes to regime’s pocket


Ethiopian Singing sensation, Tewodros Kassahun, popularly known as Teddy Afro, is to perform his first public concert since his release from Kality Prison at Addis Ababa Stadium on October 11. At his first press conference since his release three weeks ago, Teddy said that the profit from the concert will contribute to a project to eliminate begging and street living from the country being undertaken by Elshaday Relief and Development Association, a local NGO.

However, De Birhan has found out that Elshaday is fully owned by Tigrean born woyanees and is jointly run the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
Eventhough, the NGO has goodwill and commendable achievements in short period of time, the fact that its is owned and run by Tigrean born Woyanees paints it bad color.

In addition, to its mission of resettling street residents , Elshaday excutes elimination task of possible forces from the streets hand in hand with the Mele’s regime.

Teddy has never commented on this issue so far.

Elshaday works on the resettlement of street residents to suitable areas or their hometowns.
So far, the NGO has resettled around 28,000 people to their former hometowns over the last year. Half of the 200, 000 beggars in the country are located in Addis Ababa, and on average they collect 100 birr per day, according to an Elshaday and Ethiopian Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs study.