Millionaires were born out of famine aid


Courtesy of Ethiomedia

Gebre Medin Araya’s, Ye Tigrai Be Telat EMewdeq..(The fall of Tigrai into the hand of the enemy, and the repercussions in the rest of Ethiopia) part one and two, fourteen pages in Amharic, is a timely piece on this 25th anniversary of the famine in our country. Sadly, another famine is unfolding at this very moment and those who want to make money out of it are well organized as usual. The author of two books in recent times, Asgede G. Selassie’s “Saw Berasu Samba… (People are muzzled) also exposes what he knows about the current situation in Tigrai, famine and politics.

Asgede on his recent interview with Reporter identified many places in Tigrai that are drought-stricken. However, the regions suffering from drought in Ethiopia currently, BBC and other foreign medias showed Tigrai as non-drought area. This is not a surprise and deliberately a misinformation campaign by TPLF. The foreign media got their information from the regime in power and took its word without checking other resources.

This false information is purposely designed to misinform the Ethiopian people that Tigrai region is a beneficiary of the government. The propaganda of other regions in Ethiopia to learn from Tigrai was deliberately orchestrated to isolate the people of Tigrai from other Ethiopians.

In his educational piece, which I recommend everyone to read, Gebremedhin exposes how TPLF made a fortune of the 1984 famine which resulted in launching the huge business conglomerate EFFORT. The $100 million dollars Live Aid’s Bob Geldof handed over to Meles Zenawi and Sebhat Nega when he invited them to the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, needs further investigation. It is a big robbery unknown for many of us, especially for those who donated their money after they saw the heartbreaking images of hungry Ethiopian children.

The $100 million was kept between Meles Zenawi and Sebhat Nega, who deposited in their foreign accounts. We have the right to ask Bob Geldof to tell us what he knows. We know this money had not reached the dying and starving people in whose name the money was collected.

The tons of food shipped via Port Sudan and reached TPLF also to Arab businesses, which will be very hard to track what happened . However, by exposing such criminal activities of TPLF, we can alert foreign donors not to hand over their aid to be controlled by TPLF and its Sudan collaborators. We know that the Sudanese Port is the port chosen by TPLF to unload foods and other donated materials for the starving people this time.

Famine has been a gold mine for TPLF bosses. Their wealth back home and in foreign countries is at the expense of dead children, women and the elderly. It is time to bring these criminals to justice. There is no statue of limitations on such crime