BPR goes to ethnics re-enginering


Since the introduction of the Business Process Reengineering (BPR) by the very same people advocating the quota system, merit has become a crucial element in appointments.
nstructed to empower individuals from rather historically disgruntled groups, managers of state enterprises

And now BPR requires every assignment to have a ‘process owner’ who is accountable for actions and inactions.

This had been the issue and subject of intense debate two weeks ago when the authority called a meeting, held at a hall, in the Ethiopian Transport Authority, near the Addis Abeba Stadium. The Authority, which has unveiled its strategic plan, is now requesting many of the enterprises under its supervision to send the list of top management members and their ethnic background.

This has invoked fear among managers of state enterprises that there is the possibility for the authority to get tempted to intervene in the appointments of position as high up as department heads and it is also feared that this might create a huge havoc that can spill an ethnic war within the civil service.